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Welcome to Good Evening Tech. My goal is to help make small tutorials and posts about programming. I love the world of programming and creation. I am no expert with programming; but, I love tinkering with it and would love to show you all how I learned!

Learning to program is a skill that can be applied in so many professions to becoming a better employee and a better person. It helps develop critical thinking skills and, while it can be frustrating, it is very rewarding. While some things can be solved with programs, sometimes paving your own path can create new opportunities.

About Me

I have been on and off with programming for well over half of my life. I have done every type of programming I can think of. I have decided to narrow my focus towards web development. Creating something that a user can directly interact with has always fascinated me. I hope to bring content to as many people as I can.

I want this website to serve as a reminder to never forget my passion. While I may never work in the IT or CS field, I will always enjoy tinkering around with computers. I do believe I learn in a different way than others and I hope my blog posts help those that learn just a bit different.

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